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Paulette and friends

Our Mission


I am Paulette Brown, founder and director of Redux Equine Rescue.  We are a small 501(c)3 non-profit charity near Athens GA.  Our mission is to help horses who need a fresh start.  We rescue, evaluate, rehabilitate and re-educate all of our horses with an end goal of finding a great home for each horse.

Our Story

Redux started in January of 2021 when I rescued 5 horses from a sheriff's seizure auction.  Those 5 were my first official rescues, but I had been taking on horses to help folks out who were in tough situations for a couple years.  With that and my experience at another horse rescue, I decided to become official.  Redux gained its 501(c)3 status in April of 2021.

When we rescue a horse, we customize our approach for that particular horse. If no background is available on a newly rescued horse, we start with a veterinary visit.  Then each horse is allowed to settle in before we start assessing what they know, start assessing their mental and physical health, and start looking for any physical limitations or issues.  Redux is fortunate to have the University of Georgia Large Animal Services available to use for those rescues who need specialized veterinary care.  All of the rescues are showered with care and affection while they are given the time to heal and blossom.  

Redux believes in finding the right person and home for each horse.  We take the time to be sure the horse will be a valuable family member.  It is incredibly rewarding to help the horses, to watch them learn to trust humans and enjoy attention (and scratches!).  Our goal is to find owners who will listen to their horse and pay attention to what the horse is trying to communicate, as well as providing proper care. 

At Redux, we want to give each of our rescues a fresh start, or a do-over so to speak.  We are starting small, but we hope to be able to help more horses in the future.  With your help, I would be able to say YES to any horse in need.


How can you help?

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